Janusz Zadurowicz (1957- )

"Three Chairs" (oil) 12" x 16"
"Guess" (oil) 23" x 31"

Born in Leczyca, Poland, Janusz's artistic sensitivity was largely stimulated by his grandmother. At the age of five Janusz founded his own home theater: The Theater of Imagination. His thespian passions lead him to the Theater of Octota in Warsaw and kept him there as an actor and director for ten years. In 1986, upon completion of his studies at the University of Warsaw, he received his diploma in fine arts. He made his American debut at Dianne Beal Contemporary Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. in 1995. In 1996, 1112 Gallery in Chicago, Ill., hosted an exhibition, accompanied by a full catalog. In the mid-90's until May 2004, Zadurowicz lived in Greenville, S.C., where he painted, studied theology, and ministered among the Polish people. Currently, he resides and paints in Warsaw. His work has traveled in exhibiitons throughout Europe and the U.S. He has received awards and recognitions on several continents.

Janusz's painting revives the magical and mystical spheres of reality. His content is replete with signs, symbols, and intellectual games. History plays an important part in his compositions. Past civilizations are reflected in the images that are scratched out between his layers of colors. His textures, at times, are reminiscent of metal etchings, enhancing the painting's relief quality.


Positioning of elements in space, the links among the elements, and the relation between the elements and the background always seem to have been carefully thought through. Zadurowicz tends to avoid any depth of perspective, as well as any dynamics. His compositions are static, at times, even hieratic. They show no resemblance to a freeze-frame of a movie. They look more like the fragments of a peaceful, unshakable continuum. The author is, undoubtedly, more interested in permanence, than in change.

-Polish critic, Piotr Sarzynski