Yuri Tsuzuki

"Blue Cocoon" (Powder Coated/Raw welded Steel) 18" x 12" x 6"

Known for her expressionistic and colorful explorations of trees, Yuri Tsuzuki’s recent work acknowledges and refines this theme to create sculptural forms that are at once gestural, abstract and readily accessible.  Many of the metal sculptures in the exhibition were created in Bogota, Colombia, where the artist resided for 6 years before returning to Greenville in the spring of 2014.  Many of the works are powder coated in red, green, purple, orange - eye-popping colors.  Other works have the luscious natural patina of unapologetic steel.  The contrast plays well into the artist’s own personality of being both elegant and rebellious. 

A gestural brush stroke in steel.  Like the Japanese pictograph that captures an image in one calligraphic stroke.  Steel is hard, cold and unbending.  In my metal sculptures, steel changes its mind.  It dances and plays with light, color and movement, becoming calligraphy in three dimensions.

I work in many mediums, but steel is a material that has pierced my heart like a sword.