Leo F. Twiggs (1934- )

"Sanctuary With Cow" (batik) 24 x 24

Leo Twiggs was born in St. Stephens, South Carolina. He received his B.A. from Claflin College. He furthered his education at the Art Institute of Chicago and New York University. In 1970, Twiggs became the first black student to receive a Doctorate of Arts from the University of Georgia. He taught at South Carolina State University where he chaired the art department until 1998. His work has won international recognition and numerous awards. He has had over 75 one-man shows. In 2004, the Georgia Museum of Art orgainzed a retrospective of his work. Catalog available.

Twiggs' paintings are done in the batik process which he began developing in 1965. Although batik is an age old technique, he transforms the medium into a thoroughly personal and modern means of expression.

Leo's figures - clearly a part of a Southern landscape- very often has the look of knowing how to wait, how to move cautiously. Defined by the mottled colors and veining of batik, the seated woman, the boys' heads, the confederate flags, are definite enough to be identified as Southern types, indefinite enough to serve as icons.

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