Edward Rice (1953-)

"Dormer With Air Conditioner" (oil) 30" x 24"

For the past twenty-five years, painter Edward Rice has been depicting the vernacular architecture found along the border of Central Georgia and South Carolina. During the 1980's, he became well known for his meticulously rendered paintings of many of Augusta's older structures.  Rice's subtle illumination of his subjects made of them something that is both lyrical and literary. Painted on-site, these radient works resulted from a slow, precise, and complex process through which a sense of place, a season, and a time of day were captured in the accretion of telling detail.  Viewed retrospectively, it seemed obvious that the element of time is critical to the success of these works from both the artist's and the viewer's separate perspectives.  Rice's own understanding of time places his perceptions and the physicality of the canvas in a phenomenological statis that represents meditation.

David Houston, curator of Ogden Museum 

(Taken from Edward Rice: Recent Monotypes,

        Morris Museum of Art, 2003)