Mark Mulfinger (1961- )

Born in Syracuse, NY, in 1961, Mulfinger moved with his family to Greenville, SC, in 1965, where he grew up with his nine sisters and one brother. At the age of seven he received private lessons for a year. His natural talent led him on to earn a B.A. and an M.A. in Studio Art from Bob Jones University, where he graduated in 1986. Mulfinger taught painting and drawing at Bob Jones University for eight years, and his imposing array of brilliantly colored linocuts, batiks, oils and acrylics have been displayed in many galleries and shows, locally and nationally since 1984. Mulfinger, his wife, Leah and their four children, reside in Greenville, SC.

"Most of my artwork is dependent upon the visible world immediately around me. My numerous sketch books attest to my obsession with drawing anything in my environment. Even the simplified forms around me when confined to a flat surface impress me with a new found essence. The reality that arises from extracting forms from nature fuels my creative process encouraging me to compose with shadow and color.

"Brandon Mill Neighborhood" batik 48" x 82"