Glen Miller

"Seated Figure Red, White and Blue" (oil on canvas)

Glen graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.F.A. and continued his art studies at the UnGleniversity of South Florida, receiving his M.A.  He came to S.C. in 1979 as a high school art teacher and then taught at Newberry College from 1984-1988.  He is currently an adjunct professor of art at Furman University and Converse College.

 A lot of the imagery in my work is taken from my own history and experience.  I draw from my Appalachian roots, playing music, parenting, years of observation, and always questioning. I prefer to think of the images as an interaction between illusion and surface. I enjoy the magic of seeing an image become credible in spite of the marking or brushing process.  I find many parallels in real life experiences.

Most of the figures in my work are purely fictional.  These fictional characters are derived from many thumbnail sketches and gradually evolve into story tellers themselves.  Sometimes the evolving figures will suggest the narrative or context for the finished piece.  I prefer to see the characters not as recreations of observed reality but as images recalled or imagined.

I am always intrigued by how much is revealed in the silence of a drawing or painting.  If I am successful with the work, my choices become passages that allow the viewer to engage in a personal dialogue with the work, finding tangents that connect to their own experience.

                                                                                                  Glen Miller